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Fishmate 700 pond pump

 A small  pump suitable for a small fountain or water feature. Comes complete with a three option fountain attachment and 10 metres of cable. 700 litres per hour

Maximum head of 1.2metres. Ceramic shaft and bearings for longer life

3 years guarantee
Only £30.45  rrp £60.89

Fishmate 1500 pond pump

 A reliable 1500 litres an hour pond pump with a 1metre maximum head height. Using only 22w electricity it will give either a fountain ( a choice of four different heads included) or send water to a small filter ( Green Genie 2,000)

3 year guarantee  backed by Fishmates excellent service department.

A bargain at only £45.97   including vat and carriage on mainland UK rrp £91.94

Fishmate 2000 Pond Pump

An excellent reliable workmanlike pump whch will feed a filter and give a choice of fountains.

2400 litres per hour with a 2.05m head height using a mere 25watts electric, 3 years guarantee. This pump is designed to run continuously and will match up with the pressurized 5000 Fishmate filter to clear ponds up to 2,000 litres per hour.

A bargain at £60.35 inclusive of vat and carriage on manland UK

rrp £120.69


Fishmate 3,000 Pond Pump

 Fishmate 3,000 pump is a sturdy small pump for ponds up to 3,000 litres. It has 3 fountain heads and a maximum head height of  2.05metres. Yet only uses a mere 28watts electric. Designed to run 24/7 .
rrp £143.69

At half the manufacturers recommended price it is a bargain at £71.85  inclusive of carriage on mainland UK and vat.                            

Fishmate 4,000 Pond Pump

A workmanlike pump which pumps 3,800 litres per hour with a maximum head of 2.2metres.

A single knob controls the flow to both fountain and filter. The fountain is supplied with 3 options.

It is economical to run a meagre 40 watts and is designed to run continuously

The price includes vat and delivery and at half the manufacturers recommended price it is an excellent bargain at £83.35  rrp 166.69

Fishmate 5,000 Pond Pump

 A world leading pump which gives 4,700 litres per hour to a maximum head of 4metres. It is very economical using only 40 watts of electricity per hour. A 3 year guarantee.

A single control knob for fountain and filter feed, ceramic shaft and bearings.

At half the manufacturers recommended price it is a bargain at £132.22 including vat and carriage on mainland uk  rrp £264.44

Fishmate 7,000 pond pump

the Fishmate 7000 pump will give a good waterfall display or a stream as well as pumping to either a gravity filter or a pressurized filter.
It is reliable has a maximum head of 4metres and uses a mere 80watts of electric. A 3year guarantee makes the price of £149.47a snip ( including vat and free delivery on mainland UK.)
rrp £298.94

Fishmate 9,000 Pond Pump

A powerful energy efficient pump with an output of 8,900 litres per hour up to a head of 4metres.

3 years guarantee , ceramic bearings , t-piece with a single control knob, 10 metres of cable.

Will clear a pond of about 10,000 litres when used in conjunction with a Green genie filter 48,000 or a Fishmate Powerclenz 15,000 pressurized filter.

A bargain at £166.72 including carriage and vat rrp £333.44

Lotus Otter Legend 4000 Pond Pump

 An economical pump with a 2.6metre head using only 70watts electricity. It will serve a waterfall and/or a fountain and teams up well with a Green Genie 12,000 filter to clear a pond of up to 4,000 litres.  
An excellent buy at only £96.49 including vat and delivery
rrp £192.99

Lotus Otter Legend 6000 pond pump

  A pump with a three option fountain kit. A sturdy pump with integral feet to stabilize it. 108 watts electric usage to produce a huge 4.3metre head. When teamed up with a Green Genie 24,000 filter it will easily  clear a pond of 6,000 litres.
A Bargain at £119.99 including vat and delivery (rrp £239.99)

Showing 1 - 10 of 30 items

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