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3500 Boyu Pond pump

 Brand new submersible pond pump . From an established manufacturer. 
A competitive price for an impressive pump with a 1 year  guarantee. 10metres cable ,
3metres head height, multi size hosetail.  3,500 litres per hour. Only £69.99 
Including vat and carriage on mainland UK



Boyu pond pump 5000

A reliable 5000 litres per hour pond pump. A new design from an established manufacturer. The pump uses 40watts to produce a head height of 3.5metres. 

A one year guarantee with 10metres of cable.
A very competitive price of £85.00 icluding vat and delivery on mainland UK.


Boyu pond pump 6500

 A reliable pond pump from an established manufacturer. Uses 50watts of electric to create a 4metres head height.  10 metres of cable with a multi-fit hosetail to fit
25mm,  32mm, 38mm hose.
The price includes vat and carriage on mainland UK . A Bargain at  £95.00


Boyu 8000 pond pump

 A New pump from an established manufacturer.
Uses only 70watts of electric to produce a 4.5metre head. 1 year guarantee. It has a multi fit hosetail on the side allowing it to be used in shallow and deep ponds. Sold at a very competitive price, which includes vat and carriage on mainland UK.
                       Only £115.00                   


Boyu 10000 pond pump

 A medium sized reliable pump which will give a good waterfall flow , 5 metres head height. Multi size hosetail , 10metres   cable, one year guarantee.
A very competitive price of £125.00 including vat and carriage on mainland UK.



Boyu 13,000 Pond Pump

 A powerful yet reliable pond pump which will give an impressive waterfall.
Using only 110watts to give a head height of 5.5 metres, one year guarantee.
10 metres of cable. A multifit hosetail.
A real bargain at  £140.00 including vat and UK mainland carriage












Boyu 15000 Pond Pump

 A powerful 15,000 litres per hour pump , stepped hosetail, 10metres of cable, one year guarantee. Will produce a really impressive waterfal with a head of 6metres using only 135watts of electric.

A bargain at £160.00 


Boyu 18000 Pond Pump

A reliable pump with a maximum head height of 6.5metres. reducing hosetail and 10metres of cable. One year guarantee.

Will make an impressive waterfall and/or match up with a Poweclenz 30,000 filter  to keep up to 20,000 litres of water clear of algae. A Bargain at £175.00


Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

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