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Flocor Filter material

 This a very reliable long lasting filter material. It harbours all the good bacteria which your pond needs.

Please order by the cubic foot. A Green genie 48,000 will use 2 to 3 cubic feet.  

£11.45 per cubic foot


ultra violet bulbs TUV

 These ultra violet bulbs are essential to clearing the algae from your pond. They should be changed each spring( and if fish stocks are large  also in September).

The bulbs will fit all the Green genie range and the Clear pond filters and most gravity filters

They have two terminals (pins at each end )


Ultra violet bulbs P-LS

These bulbs are essential for clearing the algae from your pond. They will operate at full strength for 6months, then start fading and become less efficient . They therefore should be changed Spring and Autumn.

These bulbs will fit many of the pressurized filters. They have two pins at one end only.

Other designs please contact us by telephone


Supra filter media

A 500 grm box of the best filter media, designed specifically for the pressurized filters but works well in any filter. It is made of short ceramic tubes which give a large surface area for the bacteria to colonise . Two boxes are usually enough for a pressurised filter.

Only £5.85 a box


Filter foams

Filter foams sre an important part of a gravity filter. They trap the algae which has been clumped together after the water has been through the ultraviolet lights. They can be cut down to size They are in sets of three (coarse, medium and fine) 


Alfagrog filter media

  A porous ceramic filter media with an extremely high surface area. Made in  England from selected clays sintered  at high temperatures.

Sold in 15kg sacks at only £11.80


Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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